Saint-André-Avellin, October 19th, 2007 - Les Viandes de la Petite Nation Inc. is pleased to announce the opening of their new plant in Saint-Andre-Avellin. The state of the art facility has been under construction for 4 years and comprises an abattoir, cutting room and water treatment facilities. The plant has been designed to handle multiple species including deer, bison, beef, sheep, horses and pigs and to provide complete traceability from the farm to the consumer.

The abattoir and cutting room meet all federal and HACCPP standards and has been designed to handle up to 40,000 carcasses per year and offers both Halal and Kosher services. There are currently 28 employees and the plant could employ as many as 60 when operating at full capacity. The company offers custom slaughter, packaging and marketing services to its customers and is currently working with several high quality local producers.

The original plant was purchased from M. Alain Labrosse in 2002 by the owners of the deer farm, Cerf de Boileau. After careful consideration and analysis of the costs of renovating the original plant the owners decided to build the new plant and incorporate all of the modern technologies that were available. The cost is several million dollars and has been provided completely by private capital.

The first phase of construction began in 2004 and saw the completion of a modern water treatment system. The company is committed to minimizing its environmental impact and is continually working with government authorities to ensure that as many outputs as possible are recycled in a responsible manner.

The company is particularly proud of its animal handling system. Designed by Dr. Temple Grandin, of Colorado State University, the system is the most modern in Canada. Total respect and consideration are given to the animals in order to minimize stress. (It is well known that there is a direct correlation between meat quality and stress.)

The company specializes in high quality products custom cut and packaged for the restaurant trade. The unique packaging systems allow customers to privately brand their products while still maintaining federal inspection identity. This is proving of great interest to specialty producers who require the same exacting standards that the company offers to the restaurant trade. We look forward to working with producers who share the same quality ideals.

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